Curated by Wills Baker
Pioneer Works
Brooklyn, NY
October, 2017
Pioneer Works is pleased to present Amor Fati, a group exhibition curated by Wills Baker and Anna Erickson.

In Amor Fati, we bring together works from artists whose identity and practice shape an immersive look into Dionysian constructions. The works within this exhibition expose the many iterations of irrational human folly, destructive debauchery, primal intuition, ecstatic revelry, reckless exploit, and sacrifice. Dionysus, with his celebration of everything that escapes human reason, is the mythological base vessel distorting the rational world. In dialogue with one another, the works display a modern paganism, revealing a cult of worship as an answer to the inevitable fall of the artist.

Participating artists include David Armstrong, Maxime Ballesteros, Benjamin Degen, Zhivago Duncan, Richard Dupont, Martin Eder, Eloise Fornieles, Douglas Gordon, Loris Greaud, Nir Hod, Michael Joo, Kika Karadi, John Miserendino, Yoko Ono, Angel Otero, Nicolas Provost, Matthew Stone, Stephen Tashijan, Mickalene Thomas, Andy Warhol, Graham Wilson, and Nick van Woert.